“Tips” – For Radio

     “Tips for better living”      For Radio Stations

Life is fast-paced and we have to get our           information on the fly, don’t we?   Well, in front of you right now is an answer to solve that problem!man-with-a-microphone_t

Tips for better living provides your listeners with daily one-minute (:50 second) tips that are       informative yet entertaining. Your station can now share valuable                information on topics in the areas of health, relationships, technology, family and a whole lot more with Tips for better living.

DollarSignsAnother problem that  Tips for better living helps to solve is that it provides your station with ANOTHER SOURCE OF INCOME!

Tips for better living can air in tandem with your sponsors‘ commercials.         In addition, you can place Tips for better living on your web site and create       additional income as well.   Since the topics for Tips for better living are so versatile, you should be able to get sponsors from a wide variety of industries. Industries like * health care systems – hospitals, clinics, etc., * computer sales and repair, * supermarkets, * pharmacies,      * health spas, * wireless, * hardware, * lawn and garden, and * * much more!

#Please Note: If you have a client in the Health Care Industry, like a hospital, clinic, etc. who only wants health care tips, we will accommodate with “just” health care tips” for you at no extra charge.

satellite iiis and oooosprv So how does it work?  

Q: How does “Tips for better living” work?
A. Each week your station will receive five new “Tips”. The “Tips” will be ready and available in mp3 audio format by the end of business day every Friday. A representative from your station will go to a predetermined Dropbox site to download them right to your station’s computer.

Q. How much does “Tips for better living” cost?
A. There are three payment choices for “Tips for better living”. You can sign up for:
1.   3 months for $12 a business day, (20 weekdays), at $240.00 per month, – paid monthly.
2.   6 months for $11 a business day, (20 weekdays), at $220.00 per month, – paid monthly.
3. 12 months for $10 a business day, (20 weekdays), at $200.00 per month, – paid monthly.

#Note:  For a small fee we offer customized commercial production for local sponsorships, for example:Hi this is Bob from Tips For Better Living. Were you aware that (name of sponsor) offers (product or service) …”

Q. How do we pay for “Tips for better living”?
A. Payments are made monthly via PAYPAL, unless other arrangements are made.

Stretch your dollar smiley# Note: If you choose the 3 or 6-month plan, and then decide to change to a longer plan, we will credit you, and you’ll be charged the lesser amount.  We can talk more about that when you sign up.

* Demo for “Tips for better living”  

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For more on how your station can begin sharing “Tips for better living” contact Bob Feifar at 269.683.8419 or bfeifar@gmail.com right now!