“Tips” – On-Hold Messages

  19 hours on hold -comedy “Tips for better living”    For On-Hold Messages

The poor fellow at the left is, of course,    an exaggeration – but placing callers      on hold is one of the necessary “evils” of  doing business.


     Now your business has the solution available to help solve that dilemma!      “Tips for better living” – on hold  can be “aired” for callers to hear when they are waiting on hold.

     So how does it work?  

Q: How does “Tips for better living” – On Hold work?
A. Each month your business will receive five new “Tips” in one mp3 file.  A representative from your station will receive the “Tips” as an email attachment to download right to your company’s phone system or on-hold unit.

Q: But we can’t input  an on-hold message into our phone system, and we don’t have an . . . .on-hold unit.  What can we do? SM-1000.jpg new
A. Glad you asked.  We can supply you with a state-of-the-art on-hold unit that will play your on-hold mp3 for callers placed on hold just beautifully!

Q. How much does the on-hold unit and  “Tips for better living” cost?
A.  There are three payment choices. You can sign up for:
1.   Five fresh, monthly “Tips for better living”-On Hold ………………………………….. ……….. …….. . . . . . .* Cost – $20.00 per month, – paid monthly.

2.   Three fresh monthly“Tips for better living” – On Hold, and three static customized :30       second spots alternating.  Customized spots stay the same. Co.. ………..     ………….t – $75.00 per  . . . . . . . .  . .  ..* Cost – $45.00 per month, – paid monthly.     (There is a one-time fee of $25.00 for ach  (There is a one-time fee of $25.00 for each 30-second customized spots.)

3.   Three fresh monthly“Tips for better living” – On Hold, and three fresh, monthly .     . . . . . . ….customized 30-second spots alternating.  asdfsd………………. ……..fsdfsdaf. . . dsfa     C. . . . . . . . . . . . . .1* Cost – $159.00 per month, – paid monthly.

B.    If you do not have equipment to play your message, we can provide that too!  The state-of- the-art on-hold unit is just $245.00 + shipping.

Q. How do we pay for “Tips for better living” – On Hold?                                                                A. Payments are made monthly via PAYPAL, unless other arrangements are made.

Q. What type of businesses can use “Tips for better living” – On Hold?                                        A. Tips for better living can air in any type of business.  Since the topics for Tips for better living are so versatile a wide variety of industries can benefit, like  * health care systems –            clinics/ hospitals/dr’s offices, etc., * computer sales and repair, * supermarkets, * wireless,          * pharmacies, * health spas, * hardware, * lawn and garden, * florists, * retail stores,                    * manufacturing,  * colleges/universities, * municipalities/cities,  and * * much more!

#Please Note: If you have a client in the Health Care Industry, like a hospital, clinic, etc. who only wants health care tips, we will accommodate with “just” health care tips” for you at no extra charge.

* Demo for “Tips for better living” – On Hold

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